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Digestive Disorders

  • Our gut is our second brain and produces around 60-90% of serotonin in our body. Serotonin is our “feel good” chemical neurotransmitter responsible for our mood, feelings of well being and happiness. When our gut microbiome is off, our serotonin production is affected and can result in mood disturbances, depression and other mental health issues.
  • At Bee Cave Acupuncture, we believe that gut health is of most importance. Microorganisms such as bad bacteria, fungi, candida, mold and other gut disruptors can wreak havoc in our bodies if not addressed properly. This in turn can create other conditions in our body such as brain fog, weight gain, skin disorders, unwanted cravings, gas, bloating, indigestion and food sensitivities. 
  • Your acupuncturist will perform a thorough health and nutritional assessment to determine the causes of your digestive concerns. Nutritional supplements may be recommended to disrupt the gut microbiome and change your overall gut flora so you can be back to your best self. 
  • Schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can help you achieve your healthy living goals and start living the life you want to live!


Copyright by beecaveacupuncture 2018. All rights reserved.

Copyright by beecaveacupuncture 2018. All rights reserved.