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Exercising & Inflammation: A How-To Guide

Exercising and reducing inflammation may seem counterintuitive, but what about the fact that many low-impact exercises can help further reduce inflammation when paired with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and mentality. We’ll be discussing the amazing benefits exercise holds and how it can help you achieve your goals while at the same time reducing inflammation all across your body, from your head to your toes. Read on to learn more all about the amazing healing qualities you’ll begin to encounter when exercising and why you should start an exercise routine right after reading this article!

Exercise: The Natural Healer

When you’re beginning a new exercise routine, you may begin to notice muscle stiffness and soreness, but most times, these elegies of “soreness” and “stiffness” feel “good” to some degree. This “good” feeling is usually the C-reactive protein being reduced throughout your body. When you possess a large number of C-reactive proteins, it’s a signal your body is suffering from chronic inflammation conditions and it’s also a signal it’s time to do something to fix your chronic inflammation. With a nice and steady exercise routine where you’re allowing time to heal between workouts (usually every other day), you’ll begin to notice your workouts having a defensive effect on your inflammation. This principle is similar to drinking warm, lemon water, an extremely acidic beverage, and upon digesting in the human body it becomes alkaline and helps balance your pH levels. Exercise for inflammation may seem to be something which may aggravate your existing inflammation, but it in most cases it will help your inflammation tremendously.

What’s the Best Routine to Reduce Inflammation?

This question is truly dependent upon many factors which a certified trainer should recommend to you based on your weight, height, diet, existing conditions, etc…, but it will ultimately depend on where your interests lie. A great starting workout routine to reduce inflammation is to begin swimming ever other day and gently glide through the water feeling your body’s tension release under the buoyancy of the refreshing pool, lake, or sea which you choose to escape to. Swimming is one of the ultimate workouts as it uses nearly every part of the human body when varied styles of strokes are incorporated into your routine. Choose something which you are interested in and it will never feel as though you’re working out.

Choosing Natural Healing Over Prescriptions & Pills

We know you may be inclined to just take a pill whenever your bouts of inflammation occur in your life, but you should truly address the problem from the root cause and that is through diet, exercise, stress-management, and living a generally healthy life. These simple steps will work wonders to better your overall health and have you well on your way to seeing a better form of life; a life without inflammation. Book an appointment using the button below to be seen by one of our highly qualified nutritional therapists as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How It Works

Chronic fatigue syndrome is just that, “chronic”. It seems to be a never-ending cycle. You’ll begin to feel slightly energized and back on rock with your daily life, then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’ll begin to feel the standard “fatigued” feeling creeping up back into your daily routine. It can be extremely frustrating having to cancel social events, call in sick to work, miss valuable time with your family; all because of chronic fatigue syndrome. Let us at Bee Cave Acupuncture help your regain control of your life and have you well on your way to feeling 100% again. Read on to learn why acupuncture can be a life-saver when you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Natural Healing Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture itself brings out many healing benefits to the surface of your body through targeting multiple points throughout your meridians and releasing said meridians if they’ve become blocked over time due to environmental factors such as external stressors form work poor diet, lack of exercise, etc… Acupuncture also helps relieve internal angst resulting from emotional trauma, abuse, and several other mental syndromes. When these issues are addressed internally, at the root cause, you may experience a sense of true euphoria when the meridians have been successfully released and your qi is flowing in its natural rhythm once again. This alone can help your chronic fatigue syndrome tremendously as many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome are commonly associate with depression and other mental health disorders.

How Nutrition Helps Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Nutrition can play a major role in how your chronic fatigue syndrome improves over time. If your nutrition is right and centered, you’ll begin to notice much more rapid rustles when combined with our acupuncture services. This combination allows both natural healing methodologies to compound on one another and subsequently reduces your recovery time form chronic fatigue syndrome. All in all, proper neutron is one of the best lifestyle adjustments you an incorporate and our certified nutritional therapists are here to help!

Choose Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition for Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When you’re considering treatment for your chronic fatigue syndrome, you should weigh all of your options, but if you’ve gone the traditional medicine route and have struggled with the side-effects associated with pharmaceuticals intended to relieve your chronic fatigue syndrome , then maybe it’s time to choose a natural solution? Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition can offer that natural solution to you and so much more! We change lives for the better with our techniques and treatment plans and we’d be so happy to see your life changed for the better as well. Feel free to contact us by booking an appointment using the button below and we’ll be sure to have you seen by one of our excellent specialists as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Why Gallbladder Sludge Needs to Be Treated

Many doctors will often say that gallbladder sludge will just simply clear up on its own in a matter of time. The problem with this sentiment is that if you don’t change anything in your diet, lifestyle, stress-levels, etc…; how do you expect your gallbladder sludge condition to improve either? The fact of the matter is, it won’t. Proper lifestyle adjustments are key to seeing success with your health, no matter which condition you may be suffering from. Read on to learn why Bee Cave Acupuncture is the certified expert when it comes to treating gallbladder sludge with natural methods and learn how we can effectively treat your condition to better your life through inner healing and wellness!

What Causes Gallbladder Sludge?

Gallbladder sludge is caused when there is an excess amount of lingering bile stored in your gallbladder. When this excess bile is combined with calcium and other minerals which occur naturally in the foods you eat, the sludge begins to form from a chemical reaction. This can then cause gallbladder stones to form and be one of the most painful experiences you may ever encounter. Let’s take action together to prevent that from happening.

How Acupuncture Treats Gallbladder Sludge

Gallbladder sludge is the result of imbalances throughout your body and acupuncture treats these imbalance by stimulating specific points throughout your entire body which will help assist with the proper flow of energy, nutrients. and blood-flow to help you being to heal naturally. Beyond the initial inner healing aspects of acupuncture treatment, it also helps relieve stress, stimulate appetite, improve your lymph node function, and a whole host of other benefits.

Combing Nutritional Therapy with Acupuncture for Gallbladder Sludge

When your nutrition is right, everything else begins to improve. When you combine nutritional therapy with acupuncture, you’re going to have a win-win situation which will benefit you for the rest of your life as long as you adhere to the customized nutritional plan our in-house, certified nutritionists recommend. Nutrition plays a key role in everyone’s health, yet if your’e suffering from gallbladder sludge, you’ll need to focus on using every natural solution to your advantage. Nutrition is the basis of all excellent health, start from the foundation and work your way up and you’ll begin to see amazing results!

Why Choose Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition for Your Health?

At Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition, we focus on helping our patients achieve wellness and have an overall higher quality of life through natural healing. We love seeing our patients begin to heal and start enjoying life one again. It is truly one of the best feelings for us to see our patients jump over life’s hurdles when it comes to health and we want you to be able to see how great life can truly be when your 100% free of ailments. If this sounds like the exact solution you’ve been searching for, schedule an appointment using the button below and we’ll be sure to have you seen by one of our excellent specialists as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Acupuncture for Knee Pain: Try Before Surgery!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people going under the knife for knee surgery due to chronic knee pain and then never being the same. There’s a reason for that. With modern-day knee surgery, the surgeons will often scrape away some diseased portion of the knee joint itself. This process will only temporarily solve the problem as the removal process can set you up for a higher vulnerability to future knee pain and injury. It’s much better to first look at alternative options such as acupuncture for knee pain and treat surgery as a last resort. When we at Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition address your knee pain issues with acupuncture, we promote the healing from within through careful examination and stimulation of the acupuncture points throughout the body to help heal the knee, naturally. This process of unblocking the affected areas of the body and allowing the energy and blood flow to the diseased and degraded portion of the knee will allow the natural healing process to begin.

Lack of Blood Flow, Energy Flow, and Qi

When a certain part of the body is not receiving adequate blood flow, energy flow, and qi; it will eventually degrade to the point of dying off. This is exactly what happens in several cases of chronic knee pain. Whether it be due to previous injury, lack of mobility, or diet; knee pain is most often caused by one of the above. With acupuncture for knee pain, we stimulate the affected area so it can awaken and begin the healing process. The body absolutely loves to heal itself and when give the chance to do so, it will appreciate the opportunity and give back to you ten-fold.

Why Choose Acupuncture for Knee Pain?

When you have the choice between an extremely invasive, painful, long recovery with a standard knee surgery or a non-invasive, painless, nor recovery need solution such as acupuncture for knee pain; the choice is clear as day. Our acupuncturists are certified, well-trained with several years of experience, and are eager to help you begin your next step towards a pain-free life. Contact us today to leaner all about how we can help your knee pain and naturally heal your ailments. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Always Feeling Nauseous?

Have you been experiencing nausea for as long as you can remember? It may be due to several different things but one thing is for certain, something is off and we at Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition can help diagnose and determine the next best course of action for your overall health so you no longer have to suffer from chronic nausea. Nobody likes to feel sick 24/7 and we want to ensure you can live your most healthy life possible. Read on to discover how Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition can help!

Acupuncture for Nausea: A Natural Remedy

Nausea can be caused by a number of different conditions, but it’s most commonly associated with stress and anxiety and in turn the ever-present nausea may be causing your stress and anxiety to worsen. All in all, stress and anxiety can be relieved through our acupuncture techniques. By releasing blockages throughout the body, we’re able to open up meridians and allow blood-flow, energy flow, and qi to travel to the affected areas of your body. This will reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and allow you to start feeling like yourself again. Being constantly on edge can take a toll on your body, physically and mentally. With our acupuncture services, we’re able to help you regain control of your life, one session at a time.

Why You Should Choose Acupuncture to Relieve Your Nausea?

With our whole-body, natural approach to healing, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands throughout your healing journey. We focus on nutritional aspects as well for our patients and we’ve found this combination approach to be the most effective when treating patients with chronic nausea. What you eat affects how you feel and how you feel affects your food choices. So fi we can set both sides back to normal, you’ll find your stress and anxiety reduced and your food choices will become healthier automatically with our guidance and your healing. If all of this seems to be exactly what you’ve been searching for, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment or call us at: 512-842-4416 and we’ll be happy to schedule you in to see one of our certified acupuncturists and/or nutritionists to have you well on your way to a healthy life. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Always Tired? Acupuncture for Energy!

Are you always feeling sluggish, tired, or just plain exhausted? Acupuncture for energy may be just the solution you need to put a zing in your step once again. Sure, there are temporary solutions for your tiredness such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks; but what about the natural stimulation of nerves within your body known as acupuncture. With acupuncture for energy, we at Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition work with your body to best target problem areas and provide solutions only acupuncture can achieve. Through the natural stimulation of acupuncture points throughout the body, we’re able to clear out blockaded channels throughout the body and provide the natural flow of energy once again so you can finally feel energized and ready tot make on the day.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Energy

When comparing acupuncture for its energy-inducing benefits with coffee, tea, and/or energy drinks; acupuncture beats them all due to the fact of acupuncture being a longer-lasting solution than the temporary jolt the aforementioned beverages provide. When we locate the problem areas and correct them accordingly with our techniques, we’re not providing a temporary solution, we’re laying the groundwork towards true healing and subsequently providing increased energy due to the unobstructed flow of energy which will be readily available once our work is completed. This benefit alone is worth trying acupuncture for increased energy and to stop feeling so sluggish and dilapidated.

Why Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition is the Right Choice

At Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition, we’re certified with several years of combined experience and are always seeking further education to improve our techniques and methods. We only provide the highest-quality service to our patients in an inviting, friendly atmosphere where you’ll feel right at home while receiving your acupuncture treatment. We also embody a whole-body approach to our healing methods. This means we take into account not only acupuncture, but your diet, your exercise routine, your stress levels, and so much more to complement the acupuncture healing process. If you’re tired of feeling tired, contact us today! We’ll have you feeling energized and ready to take on whatever comes your way!

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Acupuncture for Eczema: A Solution?

Are you constantly struggling to maintain control of your eczema? Whether it be stress-induced, diet-induced, or just something which seems to creep up no matter what you seem to do; acupuncture for eczema is definitely an alternative solution worth looking into. At Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition, we not only identify the problem areas where your eczema may be stemming from, we take the appropriate actions to ensure it’s addressed from a whole-lifestyle approach. We examine your dietary habits, your exercise routine, your stress levels and then proceed to work with your body’s natural makeup to best determine the acupuncture points which will solve your eczema ailment.

How Does Acupuncture Treat Eczema?

Great question! Eczema in itself is an inflammatory response to something in your body. Your body is not agreeing with whatever happens to be causing the eczema and is responding accordingly. This means red, itchy, painful eczema outbreaks which are difficult to handle and control. With acupuncture for eczema, it;s important to remember this is a natural solution and will often take a few sessions to help your body steer back to its natural energy flow and have you eczema-free. Eczema is not fun to deal with and we know this and that is why we prefer to do things right by treating the issue at the root, not masking the symptoms with creams and pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture focuses on energy, blood flow, and nerves. All three of these can determine how your body resounds with inflammation. When something is out of whack, acupuncture can help “reset” it so to speak and begin the healing process. When your body is given the chance to heal, it can do wonders.

Why Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition is Your Best Choice

Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition has certified, heavily experienced acupuncturists and we take our profession very seriously. We are the best at what we do not only because of our experience but also because of our passion for promoting health and healing our patients from the inside out with natural solutions. If you’ve enjoyed reading this piece and want to learn more about how acupuncture can help you overcome your eczema, contact us, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the overall process of how we treat our patients and what you can look forward to when you choose Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition for your natural healing needs. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Acupuncture for Anxiety

With anxiety, it can seem as though you’ll never be able to have it under control. Just the thought of overcoming your anxiety can ironically give you anxiety. Acupuncture for anxiety can be a great solution as it’s natural and can be the perfect way to not only help resolve your anxiety in and of itself but it can also provide a great milestone in overcoming a fear of acupuncture with the needling technique. When you overcome fears and accomplish goals you set out to do, this can have such an overwhelmingly positive effect on the brain, it can be just the right step to help you overcome so many other difficult parts of your life. What we’re saying is acupuncture for anxiety does not only help your anxiety, but once your anxiety is managed with our treatments, you will begin to see how life can be determined by YOU and not your anxiety.

Sending the Qi Your Way

You may have never heard of “qi” ( prior to reading this piece of content, but qi is the energy which flows throughout your body amongst the acupuncture points and provides balance, peace, and an overall zen quality to your body and life. When the qi is interrupted or blocked due to overwhelming stress, injury, or dietary choices; you’ll begin to feel the symptoms over time. With acupuncture treatments for anxiety, we locate the areas of the body which are contributing to your anxiety and proceed to unblock and release the energy flow so you’ll be able to begin healing, both physically and mentally. this process can take some time to achieve, but when it’s finally resolved, you’ll feel the effects and be approaching an anxiety-free life.

Managing Anxiety, Proactively

When you begin to take action against your anxiety, you’re already taking a great first step into healing, both internally and externally. Healing internally through the power of acupuncture and stress-management will only further allow you to heal externally with your relationships, your work, your schooling, etc… When you begin to take steps in positive directions, more and more doors open up in your life and soon enough, this whole anxiety thing will be a distant memory.

Contact Us

If you feel as though acupuncture may be just the help you need to start your path towards an anxiety-reduced lifestyle, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to provide an initial consultation where we fully explain each and every step we take to start the healing process with acupuncture for anxiety. Looking g forward to hearing from you soon!

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Benefits of Alternative Healing Oils

Alternative healing oils have been used for centuries for a variety of conditions ranging from skin conditions and rashes, to internal conditions such as indigestion and gas. Read on to learn more about how alternative healing oils and acupuncture can help you overcome conditions both internally and externally. We have a number of natural healing therapists eager to begin healing you from the inside out with Mother Nature’s healing powers and are excited to see positive results as soon as possible.

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils are those which are often infused with a diffusing vehicle such as heated water, coconut oil, misters, etc… These oils will invigorate the mind, body, and soul and provide a new outlook on life. Some of our favorite aromatherapy oils consist of lavender, basil, mint, and sage. These oils have a very calming property to them and have alleviated stressors in many people’s lives for centuries. The health benefits of the oils mentioned consist of everything from detoxification, to stress-relief, to mental clarity. All in all, aromatherapy triggers one of our strongest senses; the sense of smell and we all know how good smells can truly improve our overall demeanor.

Naturally Derived Oils

All of the oils we recommend are naturally derived and that’s how we want it to be. The benefits of choosing a natural compound over an unnatural compound are immense. We’re part of nature as human beings, so we should surround ourselves and interact with products whom are also derived from nature. Nature is one with us and we’re one with nature, so let’s keep it going in that direction with naturally derived oils and see the results we’re searching for today.

Stress-Relief Oils

Stress-relief oils are becoming more and more common with a large range of natural, relaxing compounds. CBD oil is becoming one of the most popular as it has the calming effects many are searching for and provides a smooth and steady amount of relaxation throughout the day. Overall, if you’re experiencing great amounts of stress, you’ll want to find a natural oil to help you accomplish each and every day with a strong and healthy finish.

Contact Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition to Learn More!

Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition is here to help you heal with all of our natural healing methods. Feel free to contact us at: 1-512-842-4416 and we’ll be sure to book you in for an appointment as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon and are excited for you to experience relief from your conditions today!



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Improving Your Livelihood Through Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been around for centuries and has treated a variety of conditions with a focus on providing natural solutions to some of the toughest ailments in the human body. Acupuncture has been perfected over its long history and will surely benefit you in some way, shape, or form. Read on to learn more about how we at Bee Cave Acupuncture can help you overcome life’s burdens and be back on track to enjoying life for what it should be and ultimately have the better life you’ve been hoping for through natural healing methods.

Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is something we at Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition place a strong emphasis on and we’ll always go above and beyond to help our patients reach a state of very little or zero stressors in life through wellness treatments, meditation recommendations, and truly overcoming what is stressing you out on a regular basis. Stress can literally cause you to become ill and none of us want to be sick, especially from something we can’t see or feel. Stress is a mindset and must be reduced and/or eliminated as much as possible. Acupuncture can help release feelings of euphoria and drive positivity throughout your mind, body, and soul at new levels you’ve most likely never experienced before.

Gaining Wellness

“Wellness” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Here at Bee Cave Acupuncture, we focus on wellness by providing our patients with an enhanced lifestyle and level of health difficult to find elsewhere. Our goal is to treat your underlying condition at the root level and leave you feeling true health across your entire body. As we’re sure you know, the chain reaction effect of having one issue within a certain area of your body which then leads to another issue elsewhere throughout your body is quite common. It’s best to identify the issues proactively and treat them appropriately as soon as possible.

Transforming Negatives into Positives with Bee Cave Acupuncture

If you’re suffering from a negative condition in your life, whether it consists of stress, injury, pain, etc…; we’ll be able to help you recover from it efficiently and effectively. Feel free to contact us at: 1-512-842-4416 to learn more about our acupuncture services and we’ll be sure to have you seen by one of our acupuncturists as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Copyright by beecaveacupuncture 2018. All rights reserved.