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I have absolute trust in Alejandra for my treatments. She is always very intuitive, an excellent listener (which leads to accurate diagnosis and treatment), and very gentle with the needles. Her friendly “bedside manner” puts me at my ease. I live over an hour away and know several other acupuncturists, but Alejandra is the one I choose for my treatments.


I have been going to Alejandra for over a year and a half, and she has made a tremendous impact on my allergies since I moved to Austin from Houston. I have been going to acupuncturists in Houston for years, and have been to a few clinics in Austin, and Alejandra beats them all. Her office is beautiful, and the treatments are relaxing, and I always feel better after leaving. She has wiped out my menopause symptoms as well!


Alejandra is amazing. She has truly changed my life. I recommend her to everyone! Immediate relief!


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Alejandra is a gifted practitioner. She is personable, compassionate, and professional. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.

Lakeway Area Patient

I would like to share my experience with Kimmi at Bee Cave Acupuncture. She has been one of the only people to make any improvement in my complicated care of insomnia/anxiety. Each medical professional I have seen (sleep docs, internal medicine, psychiatry, endocrinology) had looked at me and not been able to offer me any real improvement. I was addicted to medications, offered endless sleeping pills etc. none of which offered me any help and came with extremely unpleasant side effects. When I met Kimmi, she offered me a strong sense of hope and was extremely eager to help me- that in and of itself was amazing! To know someone was giving me a chance at healing that I had not experienced. I still have some sleepless nights,  but they have decreased significantly and I am hopeful that future treatments will provide even more improvement in my sleep and quality of life. If you have been suffering or searching for a solution that western medicine hasn’t been able to provide, i highly recommend giving Kimmi the opportunity to work with you! She is so passionate about healing her patients and will try everything she can to help you feel better. Thank you Kimmi!



Amazing!!!!! Dr. Junco is a miracle worker. I am so impressed with the quality of service here. I’m so thankful I found this place.

What our patients say


I have been coming to see Alejandra about four times now and I am very pleased with her treatment of acupuncture and weight control program. Alejandra is very sweet, gentle and caring. She is very knowledgeable and is passionate about her profession sharing with her patients all of her knowledge and experience. Her warm personality makes you like her immediately and trust her with your health.

Alejandra takes the time to get to know you and explains to you what is going on in a language that you understand. She offers advice without pushing the buying of her products she carries. Ale is very assertive in recommending what you need and when you try them, you see the results almost immediately.

I highly recommend Bee Cave Acupuncture to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of life and overall health.

The clinic is immaculate clean and provides a very relaxed environment while you are there.

Sandra H.


If you want more information about how we can help you be healthy, live better and enjoy fully, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are located in the Calabria Office Building (1 mile off Hill Country Galleria in Bee Cave Road) and are easily accessible from the Lakeway, Bee Cave and Westlake Austin areas.

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