Acupuncture for Tinnitus

Acupuncture for Tinnitus


Acupuncture for Tinnitus: A Solution?

You may have been encountering the seemingly never-ending ringing in your ear for quite some time now. You may have tried every potential solution under the sun and have still not had any long-lasting results. Have you tried acupuncture for your tinnitus yet? It may seem as though acupuncture would not have an effect on your tinnitus, but that is not the case! There have been numerous studies indicating acupuncture for tinnitus is a viable solution and should ultimately be considered, especially if you’ve run out of options from the standard medical solutions audiologists and Otorhinolaryngology specialists have offered. It’s time you take the step in the right direction towards natural healing and offer yourself a solution to the suffering. With acupuncture for tinnitus, you may never again have to worry about that ever-lasting ringing in your ear.

How to Stop Ringing in Ear?

The above statement is something you may ask yourself every single day if you suffer from tinnitus. At Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition, we not only address tinnitus from an acupuncture standpoint, we address it from a whole-body perspective as well. Tinnitus can be heavily influenced by stress, dietary choices, exercise regimen (or lack thereof), sleep, and so many other factors. It’s important for us to understand how you’re treating your body and then we’ll be able to best form a plan of action to address your condition. When addressing your condition, it’s important to remember the body can heal itself when given the opportunity to do so. While we’ll able to send positive qi energy and stimulate blood-flow to your ear to possibly help heal the damage causing your tinnitus, you’ll have to maintain precautions to ensure the damage does not occur again and worsen over time. This means you’ll have to wear ear protection when attending loud events and/or concerts and maintain a healthy, non-inflammatory diet to ensure your ears can hear successfully and have the chance to fully heal. Most often, sufferers of tinnitus work in loud jobs and have to be exposed to such loud noises on a daily basis. If this is your situation, you must wear ear-protection at all times when working. It is vital to ensuring a successful course of treatment and progressing onwards with healing.

Tinnitus Relief: Sometimes Instant, Sometimes It Takes a Bit

After all is said and done, you may notice immediate relief after the first session, or it may take a few more sessions before you’re fully satisfied with results. In treating tinnitus with acupuncture, it’s truly a case-by-case basis dependent upon many factors including everything from how badly damaged the ear is to how long you’ve waited to treat the issue to how often you are exposed to excessively loud noises. All of these factors can determine how successful the treatment plan will be and how long it will take, but rest assured, we at Bee Cave Acupuncture & Nutrition have excellent experience in treating cases of tinnitus and we’ll be happy to do so with you as well. Feel free to contact us via our appointment scheduler or give us a call here at: 1-512-842-4416 We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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