Acupuncture for Motion Sickness

Acupuncture for Motion Sickness


Acupuncture for Motion Sickness: A Natural Solution

Motion sickness is a common issue experienced amongst millions of people. It is often experienced when your inner ear perceives the motion to be different from that which you’re experiencing visually. This in turn creates a sense of unstableness and confusion within your brain and thus, you begin to experience the onset of motion sickness. For many, this is a temporary experience and will often pass in due time, yet for some, it becomes chronic. When you’re suffering from chronic motion sickness, there’s most likely a deeper rooted issue at hand. We’re here to help you heal from your motion sickness in a timely fashion through natural methods. Read on to learn more!

How Acupuncture Helps Treat Your Motion Sickness

Chronic motion sickness is often associated with an underlying cause which can be due to the simple fact of not having a properly balanced system. Our acupuncturists locate the areas of the body which have become thrown off over time and proceed to unleash the meridians which have become blocked over time with acupuncture needling. This is turn allows your energy flow, blood flow, and qi to become well balanced and have you on your way to healing from the inside-out. Many of our patients have experienced a sense of true euphoria after being treated for their motion sickness as they’re finally able to live their lives without having to suffer through another day of uncomfortable, jarring motion sickness.

How Nutrition Helps You Recover from Motion Sickness

Nutrition can help you overcome some of the most debilitating conditions, such as motion sickness. Our certified nutritionists will help you overcome your motion sickness with healing foods designed by Mother Nature to help you maintain control of your health from the inside out. When our nutritionists develop a nutritional plan for you, they focus on identifying your unique needs and they additionally focus on developing a food plan you’ll enjoy. They’ll ask what some of your favorite foods are and then determine how they can best incorporate those types of foods into your new nutritional plan. All in all, nutrition is key to any form of health and with the help of our nutritionists, you’ll be well on your way to maintaining control over your motion sickness.

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